The Assassination Diaries

Three anonymous Diaries landed on a publisher's desk in raw state – loose pages tied together with string. Written in several languages on an ancient typewriter and by hand in difficult-to-read fading ink, they came with scribbled instructions to tidy up, edit and publish to the world

Behind a variety of confusing disguises the writer – calling herself Maddy – graphically describes a series of hard and brutal fights against ruthless members of organised crime and criminal Governments in different parts of the world and the enjoyment of many searing sexual encounters and orgies with some of the world's richest or most dangerous people.

A tattered note hidden among the papers said: "I am writing these Diaries from memory a while after the events as I could not risk committing anything to paper at the time. So chronology of incidents may not always be one hundred per cent correct. But the fact that these things happened is testimony enough."

Whoever sent these diaries promised more would follow once there is proof that the first has been published?





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