Syria - Chemical Weapons and Maddy

Syria uses chemical weapons! Where do these come from? Apart from their own production - there are stockpiles in Russia - that Maddy discovers in The Oligarch - that have not been destroyed - as the government said they would be - years ago!!!

Does this woman exist?

It is an interesting idea that this woman Assassin may or may not exist. The publisher is not sure, although certain unsolved murders in France mentioned in this First Diary – The Bishop, seem to have a basis of fact. According to the publisher, the next Diary is edited and almost ready to appear and

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Who Wants To Be An Oligarch?

Which is best? To be an Oligarch with billions and billions of cash and young beautiful birds from the WAGS mould hanging on your every wise word, but risking Assassination every day? Or be an ordinary bloke, pottering through life and enjoying the odd beer with your mates.

Oligarch Assassinations are now the coming thing. Oligarchs are being popped off everywhere they are to be found, but especially in Russia – jailed, tortured and murdered – and in their safe haven, Britain – poisoned, shot, hanged and dying from mysterious heart attacks – or in the latest Boris Berezovsky incident, apparently hanged, but also apparently found dead in a locked bathroom, but lying on the floor.

This is a novel way to go, if confirmed. You hang yourself then – possibly thinking you look a bit grim lolling around on a string or wire from the ceiling, clamber down and rearrange yourself in a more acceptable position on the floor.

If I appear sceptical look at the strange Oligarch Assassinations of recent times: Alexander Perepilichnyy – sudden unexplained death of this Oligarch hanger-on turned supergrass whose unexplained death in Surrey is still being investigated; Arkady Patarkatsishvili, a friend of Berezovsky who died of a "heart attack", also in Surry; Alexander Litvinenko, another Oligarch hanger-on and spy poisoned with polonium and a number of others in Russia and round the world.

Mind you, Surrey seems a great place for Oligarch Assassinations. Three of the above died in or nearby, and Oleg Gordievsky, former KGB colonel and double agent who spied for Britain, survived a poisoning attempt in where? Surrey.

So if you are an estate agent in the area advise any Oligarchs to go elsewhere – Essex perhaps?

And was the Italian Banker found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London one of the first Oligarch Assassinations? His pockets had been filled with bricks to help him on his way.

Nice touch, hey?

Alexander P. And The Litvinenko Murder



While the toxicology tests are awaited on Alexander P, the Surrey police are apparently beginning to wonder if there is more to his death than initially thought.  Of course they cannot say he has been murdered until proof turns up by some means – perhaps the toxicology tests.


But the circumstances of his death are becoming more entangled with the strange financial group in Russia, apparently headed by a man who is one of the chief suspects in the Alexander Litvinenko polonium assassination and is wanted in Britain to stand trial to explain his part in Litvinenko’s death.  The company has no website or listed telephone number but operates in the shady financial fringes between Russian business and Russian business.


No evidence so far shows this man’s links to the unexplained death neither of Alexander P, nor with any of the other three Russians now dead after investigating or being involved in whistle-blowing.  Alexander P passed information to the Swiss tax authorities implicating senior Russian police officers and other officials in a multi-million tax fraud, after fleeing Russia in fear of his life.


Of course it may seem that I am obsessed with this case, but no.  I am more interested in what danger Maddy, our young female Assassin, may be in when we publish her next Diary, the third in The Assassination Diaries series.  This is being edited and tidied up right now to appear at the end of January.  Maddy’s Dairies never give date or time lines but her actions in The Third Diary – The Oligarch seem to indicate she may know more of the Russian Mafia and their workings than, say, the Surrey Police.



More On Alexander P.


Poor Alexander P. now appears to be the fourth murdered or assassinated by the Finance Group he exposed in Russia. Three have died in mysterious circumstances in Russia and now Alexander P. seems to have been subject of a Contract Hit. If Polonium has been used as in previous killings, he must have been affected a few days before he dies. On the other hand, as we know from the Litvinenko case (another Alexander) Polonium takes time to work with the target taking days or weeks to die. It is unlikely that Alexander P would be able to go for a run before collapsing from Polonium poisoning, so if being hit with a similar substance it must be a fast acting poison along the lines of that used by Maddy, the young female Assassin in The Assassination Dairies I am now editing. I feel the case of Alexander P. may turn out to be a Russian Doll with layer after layer after layer being found, one inside the other.

Poor Old Alexander P. Again

The story of Alexander P. thickens, as in all the best detective literature.  A second post-mortem has been ordered on Alexander.  At first the police seemed to think he died of natural causes but have now decided that, although obvious signs of injury were found in the first port-mortem, second thoughts are causing a double-check, including toxicology tests, on poor old Alexander.


What's the betting that polonium or something similar will be found? So watch out for a new can of Russian worms.


This new case may again stress the possible use of Eastern European hit men to solve these nagging doubts that exist in Russia about honest people.  It must be annoying to be shopped by citizens with a conscience and the guts to speak out - even if it results in them losing their own guts one way or another.


You'll soon find that our beautiful female Assassin, Maddy, gets involved  all sorts of high jinks and trouble in the land of the Czars.

Don't Be A Russian Whistleblower


It doesn't do to be an honest whistleblower in Russia.  The latest to feel the long cold arm of death Russian Style is Alexander Perepilichny.  Police are not yet sure if he died of natural causes after jogging.


Fat chance! Poor old Alexander P. appears to have snitched on a group of criminals and corrupt Russian officials known as The Kluyev Group, implicated in multi-million tax frauds. This Group is also linked to the death in custody of whistle-blower Sergei Magnitsky who died in equally mysterious circumstance in custody.  According to The Daily Telegraph, Alexander P. is the fourth person linked to this affair to pop off suddenly and in an unexplained fashion.  Magnitsky, a lawyer, was hired to investigate and later testified against the police and was later charged by the same officers for tax evasion.  He died after being badly beaten in hospital.


I am indebted to The Independent Newspaper and The Daily Telegraph for this information, which is worth knowing.  Our own beautiful female Assassin, Maddy, has written a Diary, now being prepared, that uncovers various goings-on in Russia, including her adventures in that chilly and chilling country.


The Third Diary - The Oligarch, will be on Kindle by the end of January.  We are still not sure if Maddy exists and keep our heads down in case we become targets, but we will keep publishing The Diaries as they come in and keep you in the know and up to date in the world of Assassins.


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