The Fourth Diary -

The Judges Part One

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In this Fourth Diary, Maddy, our Young Female Assassin accepts a contract to find and eliminate six cruel Judges from the Yugoslav Wars who disappeared into hiding around the world. Their merciless decisions condemned thousands of Serbia's enemies to annihilation by hanging, shooting and starvation.
Now these monsters are being hunted by international legal agencies determined to bring them to justice.
They are also being sought by their own people, equally determined to block a damaging flow of information about those terrible years by executing The Judges before they can be interrogated.
A third group from Balkan countries that suffered ethnic cleansing and genocide are now seeking revenge and death to The Judges.
Maddy goes to India and hunts down two of the six Judges, one hiding in the North, the other in Nepal. She comes close to death several times in pursuit of her Targets, surviving only by her own skills and ingenuity.
Four Judges remain to be found. We await those Diaries.





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