The Fith Diary -

The Judges Part Two

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Sex is a great help in getting a young female Assassin close to her target. Since becoming a Contract Killer I've proved that hot and unusual sexual frolics get me to my target with an ease no man can match. My specialist kill training then finishes the job.
I used these sexual and military skills to Assassinate two of my six cruel and merciless Judges from the Yugoslav Wars in Nepal and India, leaving four Judges to be found and dealt with in vengeance for the thousands of Serbia's enemies they sentenced to annihilation by hanging, shooting and starvation.
This Fifth Diary takes me to the bitter cold of Northern Finland's snow blizzards and icy lakes, then to the hot deserts of Uzbekistan and the humid heat of the Amazon Basin along the Rio Negro.
In these exotic and difficult places I again came close to death when tracking down and murdering three more of this barbarous bunch. Five of my Target Judges are now dead. One more Target Judge remains to be found.





maddy s