Those were the chilling words delivered in a voice mail to a senior executive of Hermitage Capital Management, victims of a fraud perpetrated by Russian Officials.
Russia, now described as a criminal state, run by 1,000 Oligarchs.
Hermitage's Moscow business premises were raided by 20 officers of the Ministry of the Interior, investigating tax evasion. Amongst the items confiscated were the Company Seals. These were used to re-register the companies with new owners, who then created fake debts. This enabled 3 companies, owned by people in the Ministry, to successfully claim $220 million in tax refunds.
Accountant and Auditor, Sergei Magnitsky, who had alleged large-scale systematic theft from the Russian state, carried out and sanctioned by Russian officials, was himself arrested on charges of fraud. He was held for 358 days without trial. He died in prison, seven days before he was due to be released or placed before a court.
'Supergrass', Alexander Perepilichny, dropped dead near his luxury home in Weybridge. He was just 44. This Russian businessman's past dealings were somewhat murky. Perhaps to protect himself he had passed information to the Swiss prosecutors implicating senior Russian police officers and government officials in a massive tax fraud first uncovered by Magnitsky.
A post mortem on Perepilichny was inconclusive. Five months after this death, there were still no answers. He was eventually buried following an initial toxicology report that revealed no conclusive results. The UK police decided there were no suspicious circumstances.
Perepilichny had fled to Britain after a falling out with criminal elements in Russia.
He was not the first, and won't be the last Oligarch to suffer such a mysterious fate at the hands of what can best be described as The Russian Mafia.

maddy s