'THE OLIGARCH', the Third of the Assassination Diaries, was launched just days before Boris Berezovsky, the controversial British based Oligarch, was found dead in his bathroom.

In 'THE OLIGARCH', Maddy, takes on the most powerful and ruthless people in the cut-throat, Wild West world of Russian business, and POLITICS.

Berezovsky made an enemy of the Russian government.

In THE OLIGARCH Maddy meets high-up powerful individuals who openly discuss their disputes and acts of violent retribution.

Berezovsky was found behind a locked door, with no obvious cause of death. Yet it is still being treated as 'suspicious'.

This was how the Bishop and his wife were discovered at the end of the first diary.

In THE OLIGARCH Maddy exposes some of the inner workings of the Bratva, Russia's mafia, and the Obshchak, a common pooled fund of the criminal community.

And there is a link back to The Bishop.

Maddy's experiences enable her to capture the murky world of the Oligarchs.

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