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Maddy Strikes Again!, April 30, 2013
By Book Lover (Huntington Beach, CA USA)
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This review is from: The Assassination Diaries - The Oligarch (Kindle Edition)
This is the third novel of the Assassination Diaries where Maddy, the beautiful sexy highly trained killer is launched into Russia and the world of billionaire business men and women and into the dog eat dog environment which sets them against each other. They are the Oligarch, a small group of people who together control Russian commerce for their own financial gain. And chameleon Maddy, is charged with thinning out their ranks. But wait, is someone on to her? Has someone hacked into her orders from her principals? Is some other killer with orders to kill her on her trail? It is well worth reading this fast paced book to discover the truth. This book, like its predecessors is based on the recently discovered diary entries of an anonymous woman assassin who used charm, brains and sex to accomplish her goals.


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