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The First Diary –

The Bishop

Now available as an e-book

"The Bishop" is the First Assassination Diary of a series apparently written by a young female Assassin about her violent and sexual adventures as a Contract Killer.

Her anonymous Employers send Maddy to the millionaires' Cote d'Azur playground with instructions to track down and assassinate an elusive target.

"The First Diary – The Bishop" is a graphic and searing account as she goes about her work,

Behind a variety of guises Maddy gives a graphic and searing account of taking on the most ruthless members of organised crime operating on the French Riviera, enjoying every moment of the hunt and beating them at their own game. Purchase The Bishop now from any of the following e-book stores


"It has been a long time since I found a book that I picked up and literally could not put down until it was finished. What grabbed me from the start was the fact that the hired assassin is a female and what a female. Clever, beautiful, sexually liberated and highly trained in her chosen profession. I fear to say more less I give away the well written plot, but I must say that the unique and inventive way in which she performs her job is quite refreshing from other murder for hire books I've read. I finished it in two sittings, one day." - The Bishop

"Once started I just couldn't put this book down, read it in one hit - so so speak!! Excellent book the author obviously did so much research or maybe just a good memory!! A book with a difference, that will certainly made your hair curl!, a nice twist, Maddy is brilliant and I just can't wait for her next book and what she gets up to next. A really good read I definitely recommend it." - The Bishop

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