the mandarin

The Second Diary -

The Mandarin

Now available as an e-book

A luxury liner carrying nine hundred ultra-rich passengers on a sex, drugs and booze cruise passes through the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean and is hi-jacked by a group of hitmen hiding among the passengers.
Also on board is Maddy, a young and beautiful female Assassin sent by her anonymous Employers to protect a dissident senior Chinese politician who escaped from house arrest shortly before a trial and death penalty.
In THE SECOND DIARY – THE MANDARIN, Maddy describes a hard and brutal fight against eight highly experienced killers and her enjoyment of a series of searing sexual encounters and orgies with some of the world's richest people.
THE MANDARIN is the Second of The Assassination Diaries, one of three manuscripts apparently written by Maddy about her violent and sexual adventures while working as a Contract Killer.
More Diaries are promised.


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