The Third Diary -

The Oligarch

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In this third diary Maddy, our young female Assassin, is sent to Russia. From the moment she touches down she realises that she is as much Target as she is Assassin and communication with her employers has been hacked and compromised.
Entering the murky world of the Oligarchs, a ruthless group of billionaires who stole and divided Russia's riches following collapse of the Soviet Union, Maddy finds herself battling with the Russian Mafia and rogue elements of the FSB, successors to the KGB, who are now as criminal as the criminals they are supposed to police and engaged in a lethal International Arms Trade that Maddy has to thwart.
Using her sexual skills and techniques to maximum effect she takes on the most powerful people in the cut-throat, Wild West world of Russian business.
In the process Maddy must find, expose and eliminate a Mole in the organisation of her mysterious Employers who is causing havoc and danger to her life.





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